OffiServ Has a Brand New Design

We have just started rolling out a brand new, elegant design for OffiServ. This is the response for the suggestions that the OffiServ‘s previous design, although solid, was perceived by some as old school.

We believe the new design better represents OffiServ values and goals. Arrows in the logo represent better cooperation and synergy of the employees, the major goal of OffiServ. New color set is well balanced and better fit working environment.

We hope you will like the new design – just watch the screenshots. If you have any suggestions or thoughts on the OffiServ design – please drop us a comment!


About Alex Kowalczyk

Alex Kowalczyk is a creator of FoxyTasks - a new project management software with a mission to help marketing managers. Alex's passions include software engineering, quality management and project portfolio management. He is an enthusiast of modern management tools and employee-oriented management methods. Published on various international conferences. He loves road bicycling and Mediterranean cuisine.