New version of FoxyTasks is available!


The latest update in the application gives the user even more control over projects and  improves work on tasks. Create labels for tasks to make them easier to group. Having a problem with finding a specific task? With the new filtering feature, you can now search for tasks by the state of their implementation, label, […]

What Meeting Animal Are You?

[Tutorial 5] Having problems with the exchange of documents within the project?

Are you tired of sending and sharing documents within the project over and over again? Different versions of files always in circulation – it always leads to delays and information chaos. Sounds familiar? In order to simplify this process now you can work on all of the project documents in FoxyTasks. Lesson 5. Having problems with the exchange of […]

[Tutorial 4] Don’t you care about you customer opinion about project?

If projects are for customers their opinion should be important. However, in most cases, clients don’t have access to the projects and they can’t track progress.  Because of that they feel like they don’t have any influence on what happens in it. With FoxyTasks now you can show your customer how the work on the project goes. […]

Webinar Slides: How To Make Your Day Last Longer – Time Management in Marketing Projects

In presentation given on August 21, I spoke about time management in projects. The whole presentation was supported by case studies. I’ve talked about issues like scheduling and delegating tasks and deciding what to do first. There were also presented techniques more or less known, which can be used to effectively manage your time. You can […]

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[Tutorial 3] Did you get your project budget into a real mess?

Are you tired of constant problems with your project’s budget? Another project didn’t generate revenuses or got over budgeted and you want to solve that problem. Success of your project depends strongly on a good budget plan and its careful control. Today we will show you can easly manage your project budget with FoxyTasks. Lesson 3. Plan your budget thoroughly and […]

Webinar: How to Make Your Day Last Longer – project time management


We would like to invite you to Webinar that will answer the question How to make your day last longer? Especially for people who struggle with procrastination, enjoy buck-passing, refusal and excuse tactics or for those who postpone the sleep to another day. This is definitely for you! But also for all those who, with respect to their own […]

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