Event manager, a new face of Project manager?

There are different types of Project Managers and numerous specialisations in the range of project management. Projects are present in the majority of business sectors. Currently, we can observe the rise of the role of the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing, Exhibitions ) industry in the marketing market, which goes along with an increasing number of Event Managers. Any relation to project management? Well, a bunch of them! It seems that in front of our eyes is thriving a quite new profession, which is deeply rooted in the project management foundations.

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Project managing in fast, creative world

To succeed we all need a plan. If you do not know where are you going you will never achieve what you dream.

We need information and deadlines. Briefing is crucial. If you work for inside customer (your workplace), you need a schedule to connect the dots and made it happen.

I asked a couple of high profile and up and coming people from my twitterspace for insight in project management in creative industry.

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