7 most creative event venues in London

A short list of creative places where you can organize an event in London

What is most important for a successful event?

The venue.

Well, the venue and the inside and outside team. I will write about the team in the next post but first I would like to write about creative venues that you can find in London. London is great city with many different places worth checking but these places have something in them. In this list of 7 –  I like the idea behind each of them. If you have any thoughts or you had a great experience in other places please write them in the comments.

How a venue can be creative?

As everything in marketing the concept is fixed but the outcome is variable.

  • First of all be different.

  • Second – your visitors will remember how you made them feel not what you were selling them, so prepare branding touchpoints throughout the venue (bar, toilets, walls, service).

  • Third – be lovable and kind. Your customers need attention and affection – be there when they need you (but only then).

The creative  list that pops to my mind:

Sky Bar at St Paul Grange Hotel

Maybe it is not the most creative but it has this special vibe on the rooftop terrace. When you’ll be having this moment looking at the beautiful St. Paul’s Cathedral relaxing you will know what I’m talking about. The vibe is quite high class but if you do not mind it you will have great time there.


The second one is my favorite. It is Maggie’s. This is 80’s themed boutique nightclub. The club is in the heart of Chelsea. It is named after Prime-Minister-turned-icon Maggie Thatcher.  Oh and they have Rubik’s cube tables (!!!) :) Love it. The walls are painted in this great way with faces of Maggie and energetic colours. You will have this better mood just by looking at them.

Coya restaurant

No 3 this one is so vibrant. Coya restaurant. If you are planning a dinner – this is a go to place. Food is exceptional and they have this special private room. The room opens to The Central Kitchen whilst a large wall features commissioned street art by a resident Latin American artist. This place just smells class. Chandeliers, beautiful paintings, armchairs, mirrors all makes you feel like you are in a special place.   Also music plays a key role in creating a dynamic atmosphere unique to Coya.

Live bands and DJs play a host of genres representing the old and the new, revelling in the cross pollination between Latin culture, British sounds and other influenced musical traditions. Guests at Coya can expect an eclectic playlist, a selection of vibrant live music and visually striking Latin American influenced artwork. Coya’s unique culture is unmistakably South American through a London lens and all are welcome to be part of it

Royal College of Physicians

Have you ever thought to have an event with a 500 years history? What about a place with 50 000 antiquarian books? The place that I am thinking about is Royal College of Physicians.It is the most prestigious English medical foundation, incorporated by Royal Charter in 1518.

The College a genuinely unique venue. It has an open display of treasures and artefacts.

For me it is an exceptional place. I would love to visit it every time I am in London.

The Yacht London

And this one is special because it is a Yacht :)

With 4 separate event areas situated over 3 decks, The Yacht London is an all year round great event venue .

The yacht has recently undergone a £1,000,000 restoration and modernisation project whilst retaining all of its 1930’s charm

I love water so having an event close to it makes all the dots connect for me. They also received Tripadvisors Certificate of Excellence.


And then there is Hatch.

It is full of creative vibe of start-ups and young, energetic people.

Maybe it is not an event venue for a big crowd but this place is great. I love a startup/coffebar vibe where you can do creative work. Hatch is a great place to hold a meeting or small event. It is based next to Homerton overground is a multipurpose space. It’s regular activities include a cafe, a bar, work spaces, antique furniture sales and various pop up businesses. It is a unique design with an incredible frontage and can be used for a host of different events including product launches, press days and workshops.

Addington Palace

Addington Palace has a fascinating and vibrant past spanning centuries and pre-dating the Doomsday Book, the Palace is located within 163-acres of beautifully landscaped grounds in the heart of Surrey, and south London.

King Henry VIII courted Anne Boleyn and had a hunting lodge here before the Palace became the country retreat for six Archbishops of Canterbury. The Palace then saw generations of musicians trained here when the building housed the Royal School of Church Music.

10 Key Elements Every Event Must Have

It’s so easy to screw up even carefully and solicitously prepared event. Why? Cause there are dozens of tiny elements that an Event Manager needs to keep in mind. What’s more, the participants who actually pay for the event are fastidious and they expect a high quality product. So which are the key elements that must inescapably appear at every thoroughly organized event?

  1. Sufficient number of places. Nothing is more frustrating than available seats that will instantly vanish 1 hour after the registration has been started. The successful events have a great social media promotion adequate to their size. It seems quite obvious, but trust me it is not.

  2. Charismatic but concrete speakers. Talking about “my business”, “my very own person” and “my breakthrough idea” – there’s no place for such an approach. The speech must be relevant, alluring, but first of all it must give the value, and not to broadcast the sales message. It doesn’t mean that the lecture can’t be based on the true speaker’s experience – but the goal is to share the knowledge.

  3. Lecture materials. You can see and listen, but the idea of taking notes at the same time it’s not often that tempting. Personally, I regard the paper materials, ebooks, the access to online learning platforms that have been discussed as a great bonus and the true supplement to every lecture that I’ve been interested in.

  4. Live Social media streaming. A solid screen with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram messages which will incessantly appear on it gives the feeling of being a part of Sth Huge. The organizer receive the internet buzz, and participants exchange their remarks not only in the corridor, but also during the lecture. The win-to-win situation.

  5. Alcoholic beverages. They can easily boost the business relationships building. Alcohol definitely takes the pressure away, enable to be more relaxed and to come to know a lot of people. However, the alcohol can also destroy the event and transform it into a nice revel. The amount and the degree of access to drinks is quite crucial. Healthy optimal balance – very recommended.

  6. Networking place. Apart from the conference rooms – the place to talk, to sit down and to have a nice chat with whoever you want. Every event is a about people. Even if you think that the majority of people came to listen to lectures, you are terribly wrong. The common event’s denominator is non other than human. With, about, by, thanks to – all around.

  7. Free Wi-fi. But the one which is still working when the crowd connects into. Seriously, you were participating in the event where they didn’t provide you this? Time to sue them!

  8. The sound system.  It should be kind of decent… Try to listen the speech that is barely understandable. And if you are there to learn more, to acquire information about your field of interest, you can be more than just pissed off.

  9. After Parties. Everybody loves them. The Networking party which is carefully organized by the representatives in one concrete place, where you know that you will meet all participants, gives another possibility to speak with people who you would like to get to know.

  10. Power sockets and charging adapters for phones and notebooks. Nothing makes sense when the battery has gone flat, right?

Wait a while! Last but not least. Try to make the participants and the speakers stay after their lecture. Sometimes speakers appear just in order to show their presentation and they instantly vanish just right after. The key is to keep them anticipating and involved till the very end of event.

Event manager, a new face of Project manager?

There are different types of Project Managers and numerous specialisations in the range of project management. Projects are present in the majority of business sectors. Currently, we can observe the rise of the role of the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing, Exhibitions ) industry in the marketing market, which goes along with an increasing number of Event Managers. Any relation to project management? Well, a bunch of them! It seems that in front of our eyes is thriving a quite new profession, which is deeply rooted in the project management foundations.

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