Project managing in fast, creative world

To succeed we all need a plan. If you do not know where are you going you will never achieve what you dream.

We need information and deadlines. Briefing is crucial. If you work for inside customer (your workplace), you need a schedule to connect the dots and made it happen.

I asked a couple of high profile and up and coming people from my twitterspace for insight in project management in creative industry.

This is what they said:


Good planning for projects comes from good experience. I have been in the business for over 20 years so I have seen it all. I have literally had boxes of brochures fall out of a FedEx airplane and all kinds of other unbelievable obstacles to overcome. The client wants what they want when they want it so a large part of managing projects is problem solving. I don’t start a project without all the information I need to be successful and then I manage it as the CD very tightly from start to finish. My designers and team have the authority to handle issues that come up and when I need to step in, I do. Using a good traffic program is a big help and having a traffic manager working with your design team and writers is very helpful in staying organized.

Every project starts with a briefing. Once I have that I will review whether I have the time to take the work on and if so I will send a quote out to the client outlining the estimated cost and timescale. If the project is accepted I always try to set a few mini deadlines as well as a main deadline, and share this with the client as a motivator to keep us both on track. Then I will set myself a more detailed plan with smaller to-do’s to ensure I meet all the deadlines. Even though I am an illustrator most of my projects start off as a text file to ensure I have a strong idea before I start the process of crafting. Throughout the process I like to keep all of the project parts together. Using a project management app does the trick and is essential to any professional creative, especially freelancers where you are in charge of planning your own workload, but never overlook a trust-worthy notebook too! I find a combination of software and physical notebooks work very well together to keep my project well managed.

Each day I am starting from an hour of newsfeed update in Online Marketing sector. Keeping up with trends it’s crucial for my job. Then in the morning I am trying to do all of the creative work: writing and designing  visual content. Another half of the day, at the afternoon I’m spending with Social Media: promoting content, expanding our community and social media influence. Of course, there are some days when I have to break with my routine to handle more urgent or unexpected tasks. I like it as well, cause these kind of situations are keeping me more motivated and focused at work. However, at the end of the day, it’s my routine that keeps me productive and organized.

Project Management of My Bike Ride

I took part in a few events last days, which were significant for my perception of how to manage a project.

One of them was road bike marathon in beautiful region of Poland, called Kashubian LakelandWhen I was squeezing sweat between one uphill and another, I thought about similarities between a project and my bike ride.

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